The Fisher Law Firm handles many different kinds of legal issues on behalf of our West Alabama clients. These include matters of personal injury (including all kinds of vehicle accidents, premises liability cases, and wrongful death suits), criminal defense (including cases involving students or other young adults charged with DUI or drug crimes), business law, family law, estate planning, and probate. We look forward to speaking to you today about your legal matter.

The information below provides an overview of our practice areas. If you need to speak with a Tuscaloosa personal injury attorney, criminal defense lawyer, business lawyer, family law attorney, or estate planning lawyer about your legal issue, call (205) 344-4414 or complete our online form to get started today!

Personal Injury

Over 30,000 individuals are killed in automobile accidents every year in the United States, and millions more are injured. Many of these accidents are caused by the carelessness or misconduct of one or more of the parties involved. For example, drinking or using drugs before getting behind the wheel, excessive speeding, or texting or talking on cellphones while driving are all actions that can substantially increase the likelihood of injurious or fatal auto accidents. If you or a loved one have been injured in a recent vehicle accident and you believe that another driver’s behavior may have been a factor in causing it, you should speak with a knowledgeable West Alabama personal injury attorney at The Fisher Law Firm immediately. Having legal representation during the claims process is the only way to be sure that your rights are being protected and that you’re doing everything possible to get the maximum compensation available to you under Alabama law.

Getting fair compensation through the claims process involves much more than just faxing some documents to a claims examiner. You’re expected to send notification and demand letters to the appropriate parties, gather evidence to support your claim – including medical documentation, physical evidence, and testimony from witnesses and experts – and calculate how much your case is worth. Insurance companies often seek to take advantage of victims who have never been through the claims process before, especially when there is a lot of money at stake. You can’t expect them to help you address errors in your claim or tell you if you’ve done something to undermine your case. Most of the time, their only interest is – unfortunately – finding ways to reduce, deny, or delay your claim. We know an injury claim is a lot to deal with even under the best of circumstances, and the aftermath of an accident is seldom that. Get help securing financial compensation to address your pain and suffering, lost income, and medical bills by scheduling an appointment with an informed personal injury attorney at The Fisher Law Firm, P.C. as soon as possible.

We handle many kinds of personal injury cases, including those involving car accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle crashes, and all other kinds of vehicle accidents. We also represent clients who have been injured in slip and fall accidents or are dealing with other kinds of premises liability issues. Finally, we represent personal representatives who are filing wrongful death suits in the State of Alabama.

Most personal injury cases – about 95% – can be resolved through negotiation. The rest proceed to trial, where a jury decides whether or not the plaintiff is entitled to compensation for their injuries. When you’re looking for legal help, make sure you choose a personal injury lawyer who is willing to go to trial for you if necessary. Insurance companies are often reluctant to proceed to litigation because of the time and expense involved, and may agree to a fair settlement at the last moment if they know that a victim has aggressive legal representation on their side.

Remember: we’re not interested in sugarcoating the truth or impressing you with legal jargon. We’ll give you straightforward advice concerning your injury case and tell you whether or not it makes sense to proceed with legal action. Schedule a consultation with The Fisher Law Firm, P.C. to learn more about the claims process following an accident and how having a skilled personal injury attorney on your side can increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. Call today!

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney | Tuscaloosa | The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.The first thing you should do following an arrest for drug possession, DUI, or any other felony or misdemeanor is to not reveal any information to authorities before consulting an attorney. It can be tempting to try to explain yourself to law enforcement authorities and answer their questions, but doing so usually just makes it easier for prosecutors to convict you. You have the right to avoid self-incrimination under the federal 5th Amendment, and you should use it: don’t talk to the police.

The next thing you should do is hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You have a limited amount of time to get started on your defense. Evidence that may be essential to proving your innocence is best preserved early. Additionally, there are often important deadlines involved in filing paperwork or appearing in court that can result in added penalties or fees if they’re not addressed in a timely manner. Your criminal defense lawyer can talk to law enforcement authorities on your behalf and be sure that you’re not compromising your rights.

No matter what you’ve been charged with, there’s a good chance we can help you. We’ve represented clients in a wide range of criminal cases including those involving drug crimes, drunk driving, domestic violence, fraud and other white collar crimes, weapons crimes, juvenile crimes, and other felonies and misdemeanors. If you’re facing a conviction here in the greater West Alabama area, you should contact us immediately. Remember: having experienced legal representation can help keep you out of jail or going bankrupt following an arrest.

Over 35,000 students attended the University of Alabama here in Tuscaloosa as of 2014. Thousands more attend Stillman College, Shelton State Community College, and other West Alabama schools. Unfortunately, every year some of these students – many of whom are away from home for the first time – get into trouble with local law enforcement authorities for alleged DUI, drug possession, or other crimes. It’s easy for parents who are hundreds of miles away from their child to feel helpless after hearing of their arrest, but help is available. We have over a decade of experience in assisting families dealing with the legal aspects of a misunderstanding or youthful indiscretion, and we make it our mission to protect the rights – and the future – of students and other young adults who have been charged with misdemeanors or felonies. We’re also proud to help mentor juveniles or young adults who are in trouble with the law and give them real-world advice about how to make better decisions.

Business Law

Business Law Attorney | Tuscaloosa | The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.Whether you’re a small business owner who needs assistance with an upcoming transaction or civil suit, or an entrepreneur who is forming a new business entity or the first time, The Fisher Law Firm, P.C. is here for you. We’ve assisted hundreds of clients with forming LLCs, drafting documents and contracts, and taking on other legal realities of the modern business world. We know how a great business plan can be undermined by issues like red tape or frivolous civil litigation, and we’ll do our best to make things go as smoothly as possible. What’s more, by working with the same business law attorney at every phase of your small business’ life cycle, you’ll be better positioned to take on any challenges that may come up. Let us help you keep your legal ducks in a row so you can stay focused on running your business instead of dealing with legal pitfalls.

Family Law and Mediation

Family Law and Mediation Attorney | Tuscaloosa | The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.A domestic legal matter like a divorce or child custody hearing can leave a family in tatters. When family law matters are left to the court to decide, the parties concerned are seldom satisfied with the outcome. A better option is usually for spouses and parents to partner with a dedicated family law attorney as soon as possible to help them seek a resolution outside of court. Often this takes the form of mediation.  In mediation, the family law lawyer acts as a neutral third party who seeks to guide her or his clients to a mutually acceptable settlement. If either client threatens litigation, however, the mediation process is abandoned and litigation may become inevitable. If you and your partner are communicating in an atmosphere of mutual respect but need help ironing out the details of your settlement, you could be good candidates for mediation. Minor children also benefit from mediation in that they are spared the heightened emotions and financial instability that can arise during a messy contested divorce.

At The Fisher Law Firm, P.C., we represent clients in all kinds of family law matters including those involving divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, and modifications or enforcements of existing orders. Although mediation is usually our first choice, we will go to bat to protect your rights and interests – and what is in the best interests of your children – during a traditional, contested divorce. Call our West Alabama office today and make an appointment with a skilled family law attorney to learn more about how to resolve your issue outside of the Alabama courts.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorney | Tuscaloosa | The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.Most of us associate estate planning with things like wills, but a savvy estate plan involves more than just providing for your heirs after your death. It involves making use of a wide range of legal tools like powers of attorney and advance health care directives to secure your dignity and your wealth both after your passing and in your golden years. Unfortunately, many families don’t take the time to develop a sound plan until it’s too late, which can mean additional stress, expense, and legal headaches for everyone involved. At The Fisher Law Firm, P.C., we aid our clients with creating wills, trusts, conservatorships, guardianships, powers of attorney, and advance health care directives. Our goal is always to demystify the estate planning process on the client’s behalf and help them make informed decisions about their family’s future. Contact an experienced estate planning lawyer at our West Alabama office today to take the first step in putting a plan in place that will stand the test of time.


Probate Attorney | Tuscaloosa | The Fisher Law Firm, P.C.Wills and trusts each have their advantages and disadvantages, but a major disadvantage of a will is that it has to pass through probate court after a testator’s death in order to become legally valid. This process is overseen by a personal representative (also known as an executor) who is usually appointed in the will itself. The personal representative’s main task is to see that all legitimate debts to creditors are honored. Only after this is accomplished can they distribute the remainder of a deceased individual’s estate among their heirs. If you have been named the personal representative of an estate, you probably have serious questions about how to proceed. We will do everything possible to help you reduce the time and expense associated with probate court, and carry out your fiduciary duties according to the letter of the law. As your probate lawyer, we may even be able to find ways to help you avoid going to probate court completely.

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