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When it comes to serious legal issues like a personal injury claim, a recent arrest, or other important matters, it’s always best to grab the bull by the horns and take action immediately. Waiting to seek legal representation can severely compromise your rights as well as your chances of securing a favorable outcome. Besides there being strict deadlines involved in most kinds of legal issues, evidence that can help you make your case effectively – including physical evidence and the testimony of witnesses – is best collected immediately following an incident. Contact The Fisher Law Firm today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your situation and schedule an appointment.

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Client Testimonial

Hello Mr. Fisher,

We talked back in November; I believe the week before Thanksgiving. Many times, I have wanted to take the time to thank you for that conversation. Honestly, although I think of doing so everyday, I haven’t because I’ve don’t feel I can adequately express what I want to say or how to thank you. During the conversation, you were open, honest, frank, hopeful, and offered advice. You and your time were and are greatly appreciated.

My son was 20 years old at the time of our conversation and the following weekend was not only Thanksgiving, but his 21st birthday and the Iron Bowl!. That weekend was a hurdle for us to get over. When you and I originally talked, I shared with you that when he first called to inform me of what happened, his disappointment and guilt of causing us pain caused him to cried like I had never heard before. That was nothing compared to the tears that flowed over that infamous weekend. Simply put, he was torn up. The tears that flowed that weekend could have filled a bucket. However, I believe our love for him overshadowed our disappointment, fear and anger, and he was able to see and feel this as well.

Since that weekend, we have all moved forward. He is doing well in all areas. Last semester, even along with the emotional burden of the situation, basically becoming homeless for those last two months of the semester, and the nightmares that plagued his sleep, he was able to make the Dean’s List. He now has a permanent place to stay, is successful in the school program and is continuing to do very well academically. Although the situation is never far from his thoughts or dreams, I think he will get through this with his hard work, mental strength, and positive attitude.

I have to say Mr. Fisher, I think of you everyday, and I pray everyday that God grants you the wisdom and knowledge and the dedication to my son, your client, to minimize the outcome of this predicament. With his growth, I know as a citizen and a person, my Son will be successful, However, I worry about the legal outcome of this situation. I worry that the education and degree he is receiving at the university will not be able to be put into practice. I worry that the full ride scholarship he is receiving from the University won’t ever be able to be used. I worry his future potential will be squashed because of this situation… When I think this way, I reflect back to what my Son said in the beginning. “Mr. Fisher is the best.”

Thank you is all I have to offer, but I hope you know it is heartfelt.

Ms. K.

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